Hi, I'm Shane Jennings

Full stack software developer with 7 years' experience building applications in a variety of domains, from Fintech to Gaming.

Stack to Basics
A blog which explains concepts in a easy to understand format. Focused on Java and back-end for now. Created using GatsbyJS and the JAMStack.
Pokemon Easy Catch
A mobile app which tells you which Pokémon game has the best catch rate per Pokémon. Built using Flutter, Spring Boot, MongoDB, and the PokéAPI.
Toby Carvery Tracker
A React PWA to track, score, and review each Toby Carvery to help with my mission to visit every restaurant in the UK.
Goldman Sachs
2015 - Present
Led the development of revamping the existing CRM platform and development of banker productivity tools.
Yokogawa Marex
2014 - 2015
Worked on the ExaQuantum system, a Plant Information Management System, written in C++.
Stainless Games
Worked on the game "Magic Duels", written in C++ using their own in-house games engine.
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Devoted Video Gamer &&
Avid Reader
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